Jetronic是一家主力服務於大中華的中型電子機電元器件代理分銷商. 我們利用香港在金融和物流上的優勢, 再加上在國內設保稅倉庫, 而且在2009年率先進行國際人民幣貿易, 另外協同第三方方案設計公司, 我們的應用工程師能提供優質技術支持和整套方案設計服務. 我們的理念是希望能在這充滿挑戰的市場, 給我們的供應商和客戶提供增值服務, 提升他們的競爭力.

Jetronic集團年銷過億美元, 覆蓋不同層次的客戶和市場. 為配合國策「中國製造2025」, 我們已準備好在不同市場裡提供方案及器件.

除此之外, 我們亦在傳統的石油或煤礦開發市場, 以及一些專業上, 如繡花機, 電台廣播, 電平車, 微波通信, 測量等不同領域, 看到我們的踪影.


  • Surge protector and Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit breaker for the Wind Power and Solar Power customers.
  • Cooling pump has been widely used in the electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • MOSFETs and IGBT has been used in solar power inverters and power bricks.


  • Micro-controllers have been used in the famous brands of household appliance customers in China.
  • Together with different connectivity such as BLE4.x and Wifi modules
  • Various types of sensors such as VOC, dust, temperature/humidity, carbon dioxide


  • Connectors and sensors to be used in ultrasonic scanners, patient monitors, CPAP and endoscopes
  • Micro-controllers and BLE/Wifi for the blood pressure meter, blood oximeter and wearables


  • We provide solutions on the panel display and virtual panel display using micro-controllers and graphic display controllers, flash memory and e.MMC
  • PWM controllers and MOSFETs for the USB chargers, electric horn and lamp control
  • NiMH battery for high temperature E-Call applications


  • Various types of sensors, flow control, pressure, gas, hall, position, barometric
  • High Precision Analogue, ADC, DAC, Op-amp, Instrumentation amplifiers
  • Connectors, wiring and relays


  • Power management, audio Codec and DSP and various types of interfaces and connectivity devices


  • Micro-controllers to be used in the elevator and escalator control
  • Power management, audio Codec and DSP and various types of interfaces and connectivity devices


  • E-Compass, Accelerometer, thermal/humidity sensors, barometric sensor for smart phones and wearables
  • Hi-Fi audio, Karaoke processor and graphic/camera processors for smart phones, VOD Set-top box, audio/visual equipment
  • Motor control and power management in the emerging “Drone” market
  • Optical engines for the pico-projectors and mini projectors
  • Media Processor in the OTT, tablet and wearable market

Besides, we also provide services to the traditional energy market in petroleum and coal exploration. We also established good contacts with the sewing machine, E-Bike, broadcasting studio, microwave communication, testing and various types of niche market.

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