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HYCON Technology releases a series of high resolution SD A/D 8-Bit OTP Type MCU-HY11P Series that are supplied with various LQFP packages and die form. With the useful features integrated in these devices, they can be easily applied to a broad variety of sensor measurements,  such as those for measuring weight,pressure, temperature and gas change. Products include weight/fat scales, ear thermometers, blood glucose meters and breathalyzers etc. HYCON MCU-HY11P Series Key Features: Operating voltage range: 2.2V to 3.6V, operation temperature range: -40℃~85℃ 8-bit enhanced RISC. Up to 66 Instructions includes Hardware Multiplier Instruction and Look-up Table Instruction. External Crystal Oscillator and Internal High Precision RC Oscillator, 6 CPU clock rates enable users to have the most power-saving plan. 18-bit fully differential input Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (A/D). Minimum input noise 100n Vrms, current dissipation: 500uA (Gain=256). Ultra-Low input noise (<1uVpp) OPAMP, provides high output impedance and small signal amplification and low current voltage transformation 10mA Low dropout Regulator and low temperatures drift parameter(100ppm/℃)

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