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Connectors – PCB and I/O interconnects for the latest standards and technologies. Copper interconnects in a scaleable performance range for a variety of high-speed module applications

Relays – Electromechanical and solid-state relays for power, automotive and signal switching needs

Resistive Touch Panels – Premium quality solutions through industry-standard 4-wire and our unique 7-wire designs

KVM Switches – Manage networks reliably with SERVIS intelligent KVM switches

Input Devices – Custom desktop and notebook keyboards, and standard pointing devices

Thermal Printers – 24V- and battery powered print mechanisms, subassemblies and accessories

Wireless Modules – Wireless LAN, Bluetooth®, WLAN & Bluetooth® combo, and GPS modules

Optical Modules – 300pin MSA 10Gb/s Transponder, Pluggable Transceiver (XFP/X2/SFP), Optical Module for PON, LiNbO3 External Modulator, Receiver Module

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Thermal Printers
Resistive Touch Panels
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