Teledyne Relays
Introduction :

Teledyne Relays is the preeminent provider of switching solutions. Our comprehensive product line meets a wide range of applications for RF, microwave, wireless, high-speed digital, instrumentation,Panerai Replica Watches semiconductor test, heating and lighting, motor control, commercial aviation, military and space applications.


Electromechanical Relays Proven RF, Signal, DC, JAN, Space, COTS and general purpose mechanical relays for over 40yrs. Switching currents up to 2A and spanning the DC to 10GHz spectrum.
Power Solid State Relays & Motor Controllers Rugged AC and DC power solid state relays and motor controllers. Excellent thermal performance in Single, Dual, Three phase and Quad packages
Mil-Aero Solid State Relays Reliable AC and DC COTS and Military qualified solid state relays. Hermetically sealed and screened AC and DC SSRs with short circuit protection.
Coaxial Switches and Switch Matrices SPDT, Transfer, and Multi-throw RF  and microwave switches and Switch Matrices. Rugged, reliable and highly repeatable switches spanning the DC-33GHz spectrum.
RF Switch Matrix Reliable Coaxial Switch Matrices from DC-26.5 GHz. 50Ohm and 75Ohm systems, Multiple interfacing - USB, GPIB, Ethernet, Keypad and TTL Level I/O.
Space Relays and Coaxial Switches Teledyne has supplied space-qualified discrete coaxial switches and switch matrices to manned and unmanned space missions for more than 40 years.


Electromechanical Relays
Power Solid State Relays & Motor Controllers
Mil-Aero Solid State Relays
Space Relays and Coaxial Switches
Coaxial Switches and Switch Matrices
RF Switch Matrix
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