AOS is introducing ...
AOS is introducing the AOZ1334, a single-channel EZPower Smart Load Switch in a thermally enhanced DFN3x3mm package.
DecaWave推出精度在10厘米以内的室内定位芯片 ...

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AOS发布业界最 ...
AOS发布业界最低内阻 适用通信及工业电源的150V MOSFET旗舰产品

日前,集设计,研发一体的著名功率半导体及芯片供应商万国半导体(A ...

日前,集设计,研发一体的著名功率半导体及芯片供应商万国半导体(AOS, 纳斯达克代码: AOSL)今天发布了旗下最新150V MOSFET器件: AON6250。该器件作为AOS AlphaMOS™ (MOS™)中压系列旗舰产品,为众多设备追求极致效率提供了解决方案。AON6250适用于通信及工业电源DC/DC转换器原边开关、AC/DC及DC/DC转换器副边同步整流,太阳能微逆变器,以及通信系统中的负载点模块(POL)。 采用先进的AlphaMOS™技术,AON6250实现了业界领先的低导通内阻和高速开关性能。该产品与上一代产品相比,内阻降低了57%;与市场上现有最先进的同类型150V器件相比,内阻降低了8% ,除此之外, AON6250的优值(RDS(ON) * COSS)也是市场上最好的,从而可以有效降低开关损耗。因此无论是轻载条件还是重载条件,效率都有所提高。AON6250采用DFN5x6封装,符合绿色环保产品相关规定,

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且电气性能方面100%经过栅极电阻测试以及UIS雪崩能力测试。继AON6250之后,万国半导体(AOS)将发布一系列150V MOSFET产品。. “终端客户总是要求电源系统输出更高功率并且占用更小的空间,这让电源设计工程们面临严峻考验” , AOS高级产品经理Stephen Chang表示, “实现其功率密度,需要器件具有极低的导通内阻以及良好的开关性能,AON6250正好可以满足工程师的需求。.” AON6250 技术优势: • 150V N-channel MOSFET in a DFN5x6 package • RDS(ON) < 16.5 mOhms max at VGS = 10V (业内最低内阻) • COSS = 213 pF typ • Qg (10V) = 30.5 nC typ • 业内最低 RDS(ON) * COSS (优值, 可以有效降低开关损耗) • 100%经过栅极电阻测试以及UIS雪崩能力测试 关于万国半导体(AOS): Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS)为集设计、开发与销售为一体的功率半导体供应商,AOS提供广泛的功率半导体产品线,包括完整的功率MOSFET和电源管理IC(Power IC)产品系列。AOS在器件物理,工艺技术,电路设计及封装设计上拥有丰富的经验。通过将这些经验整合用于产品性能以及成本控制的优化,AOS在竞争中显示出自身的特色。AOS的产品线设计的目标是满足日益增长的高产量,高效能产品的应用需求,包括手提电脑、平板电视、电池、智能手机、便携式媒体播放器、UPS、电机控制和电力供应等。想要了解更多的产品资讯,请进AOS网站



EX200 350-001 700-505 640-911 M70-301 70-489

Fujitsu Releases ...
Fujitsu Releases Cost-Efficient, Semi-Rugged USB Mobile Receipt and Label Printer
Fujitsu Releases Cost-Efficient, Semi-Rugged USB Mobile Receipt and Label Printer

Fujitsu Releases Cost-Efficient, Semi-Rugged USB Mobile Receipt and Label Printer


Sunnyvale, CA, April 24, 2013 — Fujitsu Components America Inc. has added a semi-rugged, USB handheld printer to its mobile perfect watches a.lange & söhne fake thermal printer offering. The printer supports Tag Heuer Replica swiss replica watches connectivity with a variety of mobile computing devices for field sales, medical, POS and hospitality receipt and label printing applications.

The new FTP-628WSL212 is a 2-inch direct thermal printer with a USB 2.0 interface (12 Mbps max.) and IP54 compliance. The fully programmable printer measures 84.0(W) x 136.5(L) x 30 (H) mm and weighs just 220g (9.88 oz), including battery, making it compact and lightweight enough for applications requiring a user to wear the printer for extended periods.


The printer is powered by either a 3.7VDC lithium ion battery or a 120/240 VAC adaptor. With modest 1.6A power consumption, a single battery charge will print 6 rolls (100m) of paper. In addition, Fujitsu's Easy-Load Mechanism enables quick, drop-in paper loading for continuous use.

The FTP-628WSL212 has a print speed up to 50mm/sec. (2.0 in./sec; 400 dot lines/sec) using thermal paper and continuous or liner-less label stock that is 58mm wide and 0.060- 0.100 mm thick. The unit prints a variety of characters, 2-D barcodes and stacked barcodes at 203 dpi resolution, and supports Windows® 7, Vista, 2000/XP, CE 6.0 and Linux drivers.

Available immediately, Fujitsu’s FTP-628WSL212 printer is priced at $286 in 100- piece quantities breitling avenger replica distinctive watches. Delivery is 16 weeks ARO.



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